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Why do we refuse to make new acquaintances, interesting meetings and condemn ourselves to loneliness? Internet is a virtual reality with many popular myths. Want to know about them? Those most timid of us refuse getting new friends, thus being doomed to loneliness and one-night sex. Sounds familiar?

1. Do not need help to meet new people? Looking for love on the Internet does not mean you should stop looking in real life, among friends and colleagues. Seek to find a decent man? Then why not using every available method? In a night club or café, some handsome may disappear at any time. On a dating site, he is always up to: just click. 2. Dating on the Internet is not secure. Adult chat in Edinburgh allows learning a partner prior to real meeting. Ask him about his work, environment, see pictures and talk on the phone.

All this can be done anonymously, without providing your real name and phone number. 3. Dating on the Internet is for losers. An average dating site user is 27 years old. He has a broad outlook, stable income, and is ready to try something new (instead of seeking a one-night companion in a bar).

4. Frequently meet new people? Congratulations! Many people lack such pleasure. Their life consists of work, household chores and rare visits from friends. For most, getting to know a new person can be difficult. Dating on the Internet helps easily expanding the circle of potential friends. Get acquainted with men, or fight prejudices and write a pretty woman from your own city. So you will get new interesting friends!

8. Fear of cheating? Both in the Internet and real life, we run risks. Trust your instincts. Noticed some strange moments? Try to wrap up communication until you research the details. 9. Not ready for a serious relationship? Fortunately, not every dating site user expects to tie the knot. Most are looking to just make new friends, affair or relationship partner. Use a chance to expand the ambit of acquaintances, especially if you've just moved from some other city.

10. It costs too much. Do you visit a coffee shop and buy there cappuccino? Maybe even a glass of mineral water? Well, how about a bottle of budget-priced wine on a Friday night? Well, writing a couple of thousands of letters to interesting men or women is sure to bring more benefits, than a lonely night in a café. Surely, online dating has its own pitfalls. Still, the fact a lot of happy couples formed just via the Internet is obvious. Be careful and prudent. Protect yourself from potential frustration.

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